Flat Roof Replacement In Calgary – When Should You Replace It?

house-construction-476335_1280Regardless of the quality of your roof, there may come a time when replacing it is inevitable. A high-quality roof can last up to 30 years or more, but, eventually, there will be leaks and various types of damage.

Flat roof replacement in Calgary is something most homeowners need after a while because of the heavy rains and harsh winters. Of course, if your roof is high-quality and you maintain it properly, it will last a long time, and you may only need to replace it once in your life. But how do you know when it’s the time to replace your roof?

Replace or repair?

When something is broken or malfunctioning, the first thought most people have is to repair it. But in the case of your roof, repairing it may be a bad option. When a roof starts to leaks, one usually notices it when seeing stains on the ceiling. But if a stain has appeared it means that your roof has been damaged for a while, and this is the last stage of water infiltration. Patching it will only trap the water under your roof where it will cause further damage.


If you employ the services of a professional and repair the roof with high-quality materials, taking care of the moisture problem as well, repairing it might be a good choice, but it may not be worth the costs. The price of a professionally patched flat roof can vary between $300 and $500. To this amount you should also add the cost of the interior repairs as well, somewhere around $200 – $450, depending on the amount of work you need done. And let us not forget about the quantity of time and effort you will have to spend. Of course, if your roof is rather new and the damage is the result of an unfortunate one-time event, repairing it might be a better option. But if the roof is old and it has been damaged by rainwater, birds and other recurring factors, it probably means that future problems may appear, and you are better off replacing it.

So When Should You Replace It?

roof-tarReplacing your roof is the safest option when the material has reached the end of its lifespan. Various materials have different lifespans. From the 5-year life cycle of rolled asphalt roofs to a lifespan of 30 years of more (torch on bitumen felt roofs), the time your roof will function properly depends on the material. Check the lifespan of your roof’s material, do the math and decide if it has reached the end of its life cycle of not.

Another case when you should replace the roof immediately is improper installation. If you notice leaks, mold damage and other issues associated with water infiltration, call a specialist. If your roof is not near the end of its lifespan, then it means that it wasn’t installed correctly. Even if you repair it now, the faulty installation will take its toll, and you may need to restore it again within a few months. Call a Calgary flat roofing specialist and find out if you need to replace it to avoid dealing with the leaks problem over and over again.

For more information about roof replacement and material options, call us. We will assess the state of your roof and let you know what you should expect.